Yesterday evening, automatic migrations of packages from Unstable to Testing were stopped. Only packages waiting to be migrated from Unstable to Testing were given automatic freeze exceptions (like Nginx).

I use Debian for 8 years now (I still remember my good old Debian Woody :)) and I've been used to the release process, but didn't actually paid attention until I became a Debian contributor in 2011.

This freeze is important to me because it's the first time I actually live one, as I help maintaining the Nginx packages (also audacious, but I'm quite inactive to focus more on Nginx until I get in better shape).

On May 27th 2011, I sent a mail to the backports mailing list telling I performed a backport of Nginx 1.0.1 to Squeeze and I was hoping somebody could upload it.

The first answer I got was from Kartik Mistry, one of the maintainers of the nginx packages (now the main maintainer). He reviewed the package and invited me to give some help on package maintenance.

It was the start of a great journey through the Debian project.

First, we worked on synchronizing our efforts on packaging and backporting, then I started to work on some bugs or some issues reported. But I actually started to learn how the packaging process work.

Some milestones on my short career as a Debian contributor :

  • January 1st 2012 : I get my first changelog entries (3) and my first bug closing (bug #653160), mostly insignificant, but quite enjoyable.
  • March 18th 2012 (On Saint Cyril ;)) : I had my first upload sponsored by Kartik Mistry.
  • May 8th 2012 : The Nginx packaging tree was switched from SVN to GIT

Over the last year, the biggest work done on Nginx packaging was not so technical, it was human. We now work as a team, in which every member knows its role. We are 3 persons working as 1, and I think it's better than earlier.

I would like thank these people for this great journey :

  • Kartik Mistry and the whole Nginx packaging team (Michael Lustfield, Jose Parrella, Fabio Tranchitella, Dmitry Oboukhov)
  • Sven Hoexter, which is sponsoring the nginx backports (I may give you some work when nginx 1.2.1-2 will be migrated to Testing :)).
  • Benjamin Drung, for helping me a lot when I worked on audacious packages.
  • And everybody I had opportunity to chat with on various Debian mailing lists and IRC channels.

Now, some figures about nginx packaging from last freeze (Squeeze freeze) :

  • 68 commits in the GIT repository
  • 262 commits in the SVN repository
  • 78 bugs closed via package upload
  • 18 new upstream releases uploaded
  • 28 package uploads
    • 19 by Kartik Mistry
    • 4 by Michael Lustfield
    • 4 by Me
    • 1 by Dmitry Oboukhov

If you want to chat or want to help us on package maintenance, you can come to the #debian-nginx IRC channel on the OFTC network.

That's all folks !