Few weeks ago, SFS Update 0.2 was released, with some promises for the 0.3.

In order to contain your impatience and to show what the 0.3 will look like, I decided to release a preliminary version of the 0.3, which supports a part of the forum engines listed on the last article.dernier billet.

Here is a list of the forum engines which are supported by the 0.3pre version :

  • PHPBB2
  • PHPBB3
  • Fluxbb 1.2 (experimental)
  • Beehive 0.9 (experimental)
  • FUDForum 3 (experimental)
  • IceBB (experimental)
  • MyBB (experimental)

I had to dismiss the idea of supporting these forum engines :

  • bbPress : No ban mangement included
  • kusaba : Project not developed anymore
  • MercuryBoard : PProject not developed anymore
  • MiniBB support : Ban management only contains IP ban, no username or email address ban management at this time

SFS Update 0.3 will support the following forum engines (depending on the feasibility) :

  • NextBBS
  • NinkoBB
  • Quicksilver Forums
  • UseBB
  • Vanilla
  • XMB

0.3 release will also mark the opening of a public GIT for this project, so that anybody will be able to improve and contribute to SFS Update

Here are the links for download : sfs_update-0.3pre.tar.bz2

If you notice any bug or defect, feel free to contact me.