After an update last week, SFS Update continue to evolve and now has his version 0.1.4 released, with a good changelog.

This is the version which has the most evolved since his previous update.

Here is the modification list:

  • Using getopt for parsing command line options
  • MySQL server credentials can be given using a unique formated string called the "connect string" (yes, this is very original, ;)), see the README file for more information about the syntax.
  • Ability to use multiple MySQL servers (simply separate the connect strings with a space character)
  • Statistic part : added the time used for the processing
  • Fixed a bug about the prefix value which was not actually used
  • Download and treat the phpbb_bans.zip file only one time for the whole script execution

The next major release (version 0.2) will welcome the PHPBB 3.x compatibilty, the file provided by the stopforumspam website only works with PHPBB 2.x.

There's some work to go, but it's getting closer, :).

Here are the links for download: sfs_update-0.1.4.tar.bz2

That's all, folks, :).